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For press enquiries, please contact Rick Minnich, info@rickfilms.de, Mobile: +49-179-7911131.


Official trailer
Knowledge Network trailer
Deleted scene – Rick and Justin in the desert
GZDOC Award Ceremony
(Guangzhou, China) dec 09


Rick on SRKulturspiegel (German/Deutsch), jan 09
Rick and Matt on Achtung Berlin TV
, april 09
Rick bei NDR DAS! (German/Deutsch), 6 june 10
Rick on Shanghai TV SMG
(English/Chinese), june 10


LA Talk Radio -
Rick Minnich is the featured guest on the 3 July 2011 show. Listen to the 45-minute discussion with host Paula Guenon as Rick talks about Forgetting Dad and his life as an independent filmmaker in Berlin. Scroll down to the July 3, 2011 show to listen or download here.

KXLU Los Angeles
- Rick Minnich is a featured guest on Center Stage with Mark Gordon, listen live from 7-8 p.m. on 14 june 2011 at 88.9 FM Los Angeles or on the web

NPR Berlin - 2-min. report by Monika Mueller-Kroll with discussion with directors Rick Minnich and Matt Sweetwood and composer Ari Benjamin Meyers on the occasion of the “Forgetting Dad” screening at the Berlin Film Festival, Feb. 2011

Radio EINS (German/Deutsch) - Rick guest on Knut Elstermann's "12 Uhr Mittags" show (11:06-19:15), 5 june 2010

35. Literarische Woche Bremen (lengthy discussion with Rick Minnich about "Forgetting Dad," his previous films, and everything that connects them. In German)

Freisprecheinrichtung (Hands-Free Speaking System) one-hour conversation between Rick Minnich and Tim Schomaker about Rick's various films, how he ended up in Berlin, music, and everything under the sun. In German), originally broadcast live on www.radioweser.tv UKW 92,522, Bremen, Germany, 22 March 2011, 23:00


Rick Minnich master class at Planete Doc Review
, Warsaw, Poland 13 may 09
Listen to the master class, moderated by Polish journalist Michal Chaciñski (82 min.)


Video Librarian
("This tantalizing real-life mystery ... is a captivating saga of family dysfunction")
commitmentnow.com (extensive interview with Rick)
City News Toronto
HotDocs Daily (
interview with Rick)
Denver Post
(“fascinating film” 7 of 10 stars)
Mile High Jess
(Rick's niece Jess and her moving blog about her grandfather Richard)
St. Louis Beacon
1More Film Blog
(“Forgetting Dad” #8 on 2009 Top 10 list)
1more Film Blog (original review at Full Frame Film Festival)
Greek Times
Wade on Birmingham

Spiegel Online – Einestages
Blickpunkt Film
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung -
("Deinen Vater kannst du vergessen" - Michael Hanfeld)
Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAS)
Süddeutsche Zeitung
FBW “besonders wertvoll” (“spannend wie ein Krimi”)
kino-zeit.de – “atemberaubender Dokumentarfilm” (“breathtaking documentary”)
BR Online (“Rick Minnich ist ein sehr persönlicher Film gelungen, der nicht nur unsere Zeit spiegelt, sondern auch die Frage nach der Identität des Menschens stellt.”)
Deutschlandradio (with Link to archived radio broadcast from 27.05.10)
Filmdienst (“liefert … einen wichtigen Beitrag zur Diskussion über Alzheimer- und Demenzerkrankungen”)
echo-online.de (“eine quasi-kriminalistische Spurensuche und Psychogramm eines familiären Traumas” - "a quasi-criminalistic investigation and psychogram of a family trauma")
TIP (“ausgesprochen faszinierend” - "exceptionally fascinating")
Das Magazin (“grossartiger Dokumentarfilm” - "amazing documentary")
epd Film (“Das Experiment, das ein derart persönlicher Film immer sein muss, ist geglückt” - "The experiment that such a personal film always has to be has paid off.")
Schnitt (“beispiellos berührende Dokumentation” - "incomparably moving documentary")
Gala Men
Cinema (Thumbs up: “Ein ebenso spannender wie berührender Film” - "A thrilling and moving film")
Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung

NRC Handelsblad

É Tudo Verdade


Greek Times



Press Kit English | Pressemappe Deutsch (1.1 mb pdf)

Press Comments English | Pressestimmen Deutsch
(1.3 mb pdf)

Photo set
(5.3 mb zip)
Poster (21.2 mb pdf)
Poster (451 kb pdf)
First Run Features
- US distributor
Epix Media - German distributor


IndieWire, Sheffield Film Festival 2005

IndieWire, True/False Film Festival
IndieWire iPop photo
(director Rick Minnich with producer's rep Sarah Jo Marks)
IndieWire Hot Docs 2005 ("rich journey through a cultural legacy")
The Times, London ("another quirky insight into an America that most Americans would barely recognise.")
WKSU, Kent, Ohio
Springfield News-Leader
("Film Puts Big Smith on Big Screen")
Springfield News-Leader ("A Filmmaker's Views of Hillbilly Jams")
ChartAttack ("passes the test of a great documentary.")
Gypsy Scholarship blog (good summary of various press and interviews with Rick about "Homemade")

Extensive interview with Rick by Phase9


“… another quirky insight into an America that most Americans would barely recognize.” – Stephen Dalton, The Times (London)

“… rich journey through a cultural legacy.”
 – Jonny Leahan, Indiewire

“…as a film that documents, reveals and clarifies misconceptions through heart-felt portraits, Homemade Hillbilly Jam passes the test of a great documentary.”
– Mike Armitage, Chart Attack (Toronto):

“Minnich (with co-writer and editor Matt Sweetwood) constructs a unifying fabric of visual beauty with a rich mix of natural sounds that immerses us in a locale that for many will seem as familiar and yet as distant as the sound of the faraway train whistle that ends the film.”
– Milton Tabbot, IFP Indielink

“…the film depicts religion and family and the Ozarks in the most sympathetic, and least hokey way imaginable. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
– Paul Sturtz, Director, True/False Film Festival, Columbia, Missouri

“…vibrant, well-shot doc …” (4 of 5 stars) – Jason Anderson, Eye Weekly, Toronto

"Entertaining and enlightening!"- Winston-Salem Journal

"This beautifully shot film celebrates Missouri’s Ozark countryside and the way music can transcend conflicting attitudes, to bring and hold generations together." 
- Friends of American Old Time Music & Dance

"Explores the roots of hillbilly music. Vibrant!" - Toronto Eye Weekly

"Descended from Ozark hillbillies and bound together by music, the Bilyeu clan keeps the old mountain repertoire alive, singing with a passion and grace that need no elaboration." 
- Chicago Reader

"Beautifully portrays the Ozark countryside and the music it has nurtured through generations of families." - Columbia Tribune

"An excellent film!" - British Bluegrass Association

"An absolute gem!" - Madison Carter, Pop Syndicateand Film Festival


Press Kit English | Pressemappe Deutsch (2.6 mb pdf)

Photo set
(1.2 mb zip)
(2.5 mb pdf)


Featured Videos

"Forgetting Dad" wins in Guangzhou Guangzhou, China

Rick Minnich on German TV talk show NDR DAS! (in German)

Rick Minnich and Matt Sweetwood on Achtung Berlin TV
Berlin, Germany

Rick Minnich interviewed on Shanghai TV Shanghai, China

Rick Minnich Interviewed on SRKulturspiegel Saarbrücken, Germany