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DVDs & Video on Demand (VOD)


Available for educational distribution in the US and Canada through Dark Hollow Films.

Also available for personal use on DVD or VOD.


The EDUCATIONAL AND LIBRARY VERSION is available in the USA and Canada through our partner DARK HOLLOW FILMS, and everywhere else through Film Platform. If you're an educator or librarian, please order your copy from the respective distributor. Students and film fans, please ask your university or local library to order a copy of the film through Dark Hollow or Film Platform.

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Stream below. Also available in the US on Netflix, iTunes, etc.

If you'd like a DVD, you can order one directly from our distributor First Run Features .

They’re great folks and they offer a 25% discount off the suggested retail price. You might also find a few other titles in their fine collection that catch your fancy. And check out the nifty green Digipak packaging. The only plastic is the disc tray.

If you order directly from us, we’d be overjoyed to take your $18 + $6 shipping & handling (worldwide), plus we’ll thrown in a few goodies at no extra expense.

• complete film ‘Homemade Hillbilly Jam’
• short film ‘On The Road’ (Rick and Matt touring the US with ‘Homemade’)
• outtakes (great stuff that ended up on the cutting room floor)
• extra music
• photo gallery
• biographies
• jukebox (skip directly to your favorite songs)


We’ve got all kinds, made of the finest high-quality 100% cotton with a logo that absolutely refuses to wash away.

Men’s T-shirts

Gildan Activewear, 100% cotton, heavyweight. Sizes M, L, XL, XXL
* the gray shirt has a dark blue logo, not yellow like in this picture.
Price: 18 Euros ($20) + shipping (€5 ($6) Europe, €8 ($10) rest of the world)

Brown T-shirt with orange trim on neck and sleeves: 100% cotton, heavyweight.
Sizes M, L, XL, XXL

That’s good Ol’ Uncle Dupe on the mandolin on the front. The back reads “Come visit us every chance you get.”

Price: 18 Euros ($20) + shipping (Europe: €5 or $6 , rest of the world: €8 or $10)

The women’s T-shirts are tight-fitting and delightfully feminine. Made by Anvil.

Sizes M, L, XL (they runs small so order one size larger than normal).

Price: 18 Euros ($20) + shipping (Europe: €3 or $4 , rest of the world: €4 or $6)

Hillbilly Care Package

The perfect place to start. We'll give you one DVD and one T-shirt of your choice, plus some top-secret hillbilly goodies to be found nowhere else on this planet, all for the price of €30 ($34) + shipping (Europe: €7 or $8 , rest of the world: €8 or $9). Please specify the size and color of T-shirt. Payment as described at top of page. Place your order here.


Back before Branson, Missouri became a household name, Rick was exploring all the nooks and crannies of this Bible Belt Las Vegas. The result is this heartfelt, entertaining film about God, country and country music.

Stream or download the film for personal use only below.




Oh Boy, that was a long time ago, but if you'd still like to see some of the stuff I did early on in my filmmaking career, check out my YouTube and Vimeo channels.

You can also stream or download my 24 min. film "The Book of Lenins",which was digitally remastered from the original 16mm negative in 2016. Or buy the DVD here: English cover PAL format or German cover PAL format.

Make sure you check out my 2012 short "The Godfather of Bubbles" – a collaborative effort with photographers Jan Lieske and Annette Wulff.