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Latest Dates:

August 31- December 14, 2017 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA)
Rick will be the "Documentary Filmmaker in Residence" at Robert Morris University in Moon Township, Pennsylvania for the fall semester. He will be teaching an undergraduate documentary film course, and will be participitaing in several public events in the Pittsburgh area revolving around his films.

July 8 - 17, 2016 Malaysia
Rick will be returning as a mentor at the Sabah Film Academy at the Kota Kinabalu International Film Festival in Malaysia.

May 31-June 11, 2015 Malaysia
Rick will be the director and dean of the Sabah Film Academy at the Kota Kinabalu International Film Festival in Malaysia.

General information:
Writer/director/producer Rick Minnich is offering master classes and workshops on working as an independent filmmaker. While he has some experience in narrative filmmaking, his specialty is documentary.

These events are flexible in structure and duration depending on the needs and resources of the organizers, and can range from a screening of one of his films with an extended discussion (approx. 3 hours total) to a week-long workshop on documentary filmmaking.

Rick is also available for one-on-one consultations and mentoring to help filmmakers shape their stories both BEFORE shooting and DURING the editing process.

Rick is based in Berlin, Germany, but is available for workshops and mentoring worldwide. For more information, please contact him at info@rickfilms.de.

Some points covered:

What kind of story do you want to tell and how can you best tell it?

• How to follow your instincts and unveil your underlying motivations for wanting to make a film.

• Finding the creative and financial partners suitable to you and your project

• Research: What and how much?

• Shooting alone vs. with a crew

• Narration: Does your film need it? If so, what kind and how much?

• Working with home movies and/or archival footage

• Music: When, what, why, and how much? How to use music (composed or licensed) to express story elements and emotions which images and words alone cannot convey. How to work with a composer.

• Getting your finished film out there: navigating the often confusing and overwhelming world of film festivals, sales agents, distributors, and broadcasters

• Screenings of key documentaries of various genres which might help and inspire workshop participants

Optional case study of “Forgetting Dad”:
• How to make a film about family trauma,
• The challenges of being both a family member and the filmmaker
• Discovering the universal elements in your personal story which will make your film artistic and accessible to a wide audience,
• Finding a beginning, middle, and end to a neverending story
• Finding the right partners to help you tell your story and prevent it from drifting into mere naval gazing.